Welcome to JayWakefield.com

Hello everyone and welcome to my new web-site JayWakefield.com. I am hoping that this site will be my ‘web presence’ as it were. Why have I set up such a thing?I thought that as I try and re-establish myself as someone who has something to offer to the world it would be a good idea to be able to showcase all what I do.

Some of you may remember that I started blogging back in the heady days of the final week of my first semester at Hull University in December 2006, back when I had a wee blog on Google’s Blogspot. Encouraged by the readership of my then lecturer Rob Miles, as well as Microsoft’s Ed Dunhill (back when he worked with Students) and Ed Gibson, another Microsoft employee, I blogged quite consistently throughout the first half of 2007. Unfortunately, I did not blog as much in the second half of 2007, and by 2008 all I really had lost the will to keep my wee website up-to-date. Over the summer of 2008, I decided to move to Aberdeen and transfer my degree to Aberdeen University. At this time, I was offered some space to start a new blog on my former colleague Phil Cluff‘s server (A site that this domain name used to point to), and for a while I do believe I was blogging quite a bit. Unfortunately however just as with my Blogspot blog, this blog too did not get updates as much as it should have, especially as it was on Phill’s server.

So why a new blog? The honest answer is I don’t really know. I guess I’ve been motivated by Holly Stockport who keeps a blog in addition to uploading videos to her two YouTube channels (Holly’s Main Channel and PoptyPingPlays).

Unfortunately over the last few years I have been suffering with severe depression, and it has been an absolute battle sometimes just to survive, but I now receive support from Specialist Resource Solutions, and my volunteer work for a local disability charity has given me good feelings of usefulness and self-worth, so I feel that I’m in a better place than I was when JayWakefield.com closed down a few years ago.

In addition to the blog, this web-site will host information about a project I am working on with the local disability charity called RetroFest, and there is going to be a page that can be accessed on old computers, which will offer resources for people using 90s PC-compatible computers.