Welcome to RetroFest.  If this is your first visit, you might be wondeirng “Just what is RetroFest?”  Grab a steaming hot cup of tea and I will empart.

“RetroFest” was an idea by someone at the local disability charity where I volunteer, in that people could come in and play games on older computers or consoles.  Which computers or consoles exactly?  Over the past few years we have had some very generous donations from various people, so we have consoles ranging from the Nintendo Entertainment System through to the original Microsoft XBox.  As for computers, we have a fleet of late 90s-to-early 2000s desktop machines with performance ranging from Pentium II with ATi Rage Pro graphics to a Pentium 4 2.8GHz with HyperThreading support and an nVidia GeForce FX 5200.

So who is RetroFest for?  RetroFest will be open to people with disabilities who are looking for something to go to over the weekend, as weekends can be extremely isolating for some people with disabilities.  They can come and play some games either on single player, or they can challenge other people to a multiplayer session, either through split-screen on a console or over the dedicated retro PC network.

So when will RetroFest take place?  At the moment we do not have a date set, as we are still setting things up, but please do stay tuned for updates on RetroFest’s progress.