Welcome to my new blog. I have the old domain name JayWakefield.com back, and this time I have decided to give FastHosts a try. Most likely because I’m wanting to win the ultimate Work From Home Bundle as part of a competition that is currently running in partnership with The Nostalgia Nerd on YouTube.

Now I did not need to set this website up in order to enter the competition., I believe that is being run on what marketing men might call a ‘no purchase necessary’ basis. The reason I decided to plunge myself into this endeavour is because I have been toying with the idea of starting up a new blog throught the Spring as I (surprise surprise) have a lot to talk about, and having seen some of Fasthosts’ introductory offers I decided to give this a wee shot.

So what have I been upto? Well recently I went with Patchouli Rain who is a good friend of mine’s to visit her parents up in what they call “Beautiful Elgin”. This is the second time that I have been there this year, the first time wound up in my being admitted to hospital, something which can be viewed in this YouTube video.

My first attempt at a trip to “Beautiful Elgin”

My second visit to “Beautiful Elgin” went a lot more smoothly, and Patchouli Rain’s paretns took us to see interesting places, including Roseisle beach in Roseisle, Lossiemouth, Grant Park in Forres, and the Forres town centre. I made a YouTube video of our exploits which can be seen below.

Our second attempt at a trip to “”Beautiful Elgin”

Of course while I was there I took many photographs. I recieved a Canon EOS 400D Digital SLR camera for my Christmas back in 2019, but I have not had as many opportunities to use it as I would have liked, but I feel I am getting used to how to use it, so while up in “Beautiful Elgin” and the surrounding areas, I made extensive use of my Canon and some of its modes, the results of which can be viewed below.

As you can see there were ample opportunities in Moray for photography as it is a really beautiful part of Scotland.

While we were in Forres, we paid a visit to Babalu, a shop which sells a variety of alternative healing items including crystals and incense, as well as sustainable clothing, and some beautifully designed cushions, and some rather fetching pottery, some of which I purchased.