I was invited to go with Patchouli Rain to Elgin to see her parents this last week. I gladly accepted this invitation as a) I needed to get away from everything for a wee bit and b) I love spending time in Elgin.

As I’m a wee bit short on money at the moment I’m not doing too many elaborate things. That said I have, as usual, been enjoying the beauty and atmosphere of Elgin.

I took the decision to come down off my antidepressants by reducing my dose in November 2020, and have completed the transition. Despite the usual side effects of doing such a thing I am feeling a lot more “there”. It took a lot of soul searching for me to decide to do this. This is not something that you should do lightly, and even then only under guidance from a medical professional.

So anyway, back to my own situation, since coming off the antidepressants I have been feeling a lot more “get up and go”. Because of the improved weather we have had over the past week or so, I’ve been taking a small walk once a day, and this has continued to be the case while I’ve been on holiday in Elgin.

I do not know what it is about Elgin, but ever since I visited Last June I have felt in love with the place, and for a while was even thinking of trying to move there permanently. I feel that it would have been a good place to try and think about working to re-establish a small computer business, like I had back in 2012-2013 with Jay Wakefield Computers. That said, I am now wanting to be closer to family and friends who live in England, while still living in Scotland, so I have decided that Edinburgh may be a better bet.

Back to my walks in Elgin, even around where I am currently staying there are nice streets to have a wee evening walk around. People’s flowers are starting to come in, but even with that aside, I am enjoying the air up here.

An Apple Blossom tree in bloom with almost xanadu green coloured leaves hanging over a wooden picket fence
A Tree whose branches look like they’re made out of pipe cleaner.

I am glad that I have felt the urge to go walking. I love the Spring and Summer months, walking helps me to be able to go out there and experience the warmer, brighter weather, as well as helping me to use up some of those annoying kilocalories that seem to just get in the road.

That said, while I am in Elgin, I hope to take full advantage of what is on offer, and even exercise my shutter finger.